Period Pride!

in Partnership with Mageba Wellness

The purpose of this workshop is not only to educate but also to destigmatise the stereotypes behind menstruation. We want to help young girls feel comfortable in talking about the changes in their bodies and also to know that they are not going through it alone. This workshop aims to have young females informed about menstruation and their hygiene in relation to menstruation as early as possible. Mahlatse Goodwill foundation partnered with Mageba Wellness, experts in the Wellness and Hygiene field, to ensure that we provide the ladies with expert information and knowledge that will carry them through their journey. In the year 2021 Mahlatse Goodwill foundation and Mageba Wellness initiated the program at Ivory Park secondary school in Tembisa. We were able to raise enough funds to buy 800 pads that were distributed to the grade 9 girls at Ivory secondary school. Each girl received 3 packs of pads, 5 panty liners and two lollipops in their package. Period pride is now an annual program that we run during women’s month to celebrate women and young ladies and show sisterhood in disadvantaged communities.

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